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Uniting Agriculture and Medicine to Support

Food Sovereignty and Health Justice for All

Agriculture broadly defined for a diversity of foodways to include farmers, seed savers, gardeners, fishers, foragers, ranchers, subsistence hunters, wildcrafters, pastoralists, forest producers, and more.

Medicine broadly defined for a diversity of healthways to include all those involved in health and healing.


Join us in growing a global network of farmers, seed savers, gardeners, fishers, foragers, ranchers, healers, subsistence hunters, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, educators, researchers, activists, schools, academic centers, students, wild-crafters, cooks, consumers, pastoralists, forest producers, and more united in a vision of food sovereignty and health justice for all. Our intent is to build bridges, advance conversations, strengthen engagement, highlight community-led initiatives, amplify efforts  and inspire collaborative action to energize a more equitable and inclusive food as medicine global movement.

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Our Why

The idea of food as medicine makes sense to many working in health care and food production. More and more, nutrition is centered in health professional training, patient care, and conversations around farming, fishing, ranching, and other foodways. However, people across many communities who want to eat well cannot access healthy or even enough food. Many of those producing and providing our food and health care navigate a multitude of inequities. We aim to advance a more equitable and inclusive food as medicine movement.

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