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Our Why

The idea of food as medicine makes sense to many of us working in healthcare and food production. More and more, nutrition is centered in health professional training, patient care, and conversations around farming, fishing, ranching, and other foodways. However, people across many communities who want to eat well can’t access healthy or even enough food—many of those producing our food or providing our health care navigate a multitude of inequities.

Join us in creating an equitable and inclusive food as medicine movement. 

Our Vision

A collaborative global community of farmers, seed savers, fishers, foragers, ranchers, subsistence hunters, healers, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, educators, schools, academic centers, students, wild-crafters, cooks, consumers, pastoralists, forest producers, and more who are united in a vision of food sovereignty and health justice for all.

Our Mission

To facilitate educational conversations and collaborative engagement for unifying agriculture and medicine to support food sovereignty and health justice for all.

Agriculture broadly defined for a diversity of food ways to include farmers, seed savers, foragers, fishers, subsistence hunters, ranchers, wild-crafters, pastoralists, forest producers, and more.

Medicine broadly defined for a diversity of health ways to include all those engaged in health and healing practices.


Board Members

S. Prasad Vinjamury, MD (Ayurveda), DACM, MPH 


Patricia StandTal Clarke, MD, DMin, FAAFP, ABOIM, Didanawisgi


Daniel F. Gallego-Pérez, MD,



Heather Carrie, MAS, 

President & CEO


Circle of Advisors

Gabriel Allahdua

Author, Activist-in-Residence, University of Guelph

April Moreno Arellano, PhD, MPA, 

MA, Founder of Autoimmune Community Institute

Joseph Bogaard

Executive Director

Save Our wild Salmon

Francis Bosah

Founder and CEO 

Health of the Soil International

Sofia M. Chavez, DNM, Minister,


Founder of Estara Health & Wellness

John S. Finnell ND, PhD(C), MPH, DiplOM, Program Manager,

Whole Health

Emma Gardner

Student Ambassador

Ricardo Ghelman, MD, Ph.D., Founding Chair, Brazilian Academic Consortium for Integrative Health (CABSIN)

Amy Goldstein, M.S.W. 

Director, Alliance to Advance Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (AACIPM)

Jamie Harvie, PEng,

Executive Director

Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI)

Nadine Ijaz, PhD

Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Cheryl Martin, MD, MA

Attending Physician Family Medicine, BronxCare

Sheila Mary, ND, MPH, Student Midwife

Founder of 5 Elements Health Alliance

Melina Meza, BSN

500-Hour RYT,

Ayurvedic Health Educator, Author

Afshan Omar, HBSc, Environmental Science Permaculture Designer

Beth Romanski

Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, Health Educator

Beth Rosenthal, PhD, MBA, MPH


Food as Medicine Global

Amy Sapola, Pharm.D., FAIHM, IFMCP

Kathleen Scheible, CCH Certified

Board Classical Homeopath

Midwestern Small Family Farm Kid, Current Urban Farmer

Scarlet Soriano, MD, ABOIM

Executive Director,

Duke Health and Well-Being

Malik Tiedt

BSPH Nutrition Science, 

BA Medical Anthropology

Julie Tran-Olive, ND, LAc

Founder of Silicon Valley Natural Health


Co-Founders Beth Rosenthal and Heather Carrie bring years of experience as leaders within health promoting organizations with a demonstrated commitment to collaborative engagement. Beth is experienced in leading working groups and roundtable discussions and Heather is experienced as an executive director, health policy advocate, educator, farmer, and farmer’s market manager. 


Food as Medicine Global is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. 

Federal Tax ID 88-1678026.



PO Box 1153

Vashon Island, WA 98070

Traditional lands of the sx̌ʷəbabs people

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